Jakutija on Lena

Ripp'd from RandMcNally.com

"... incontrovertible evidences that when the supposed ice cap was covering Europe and North America with tens of thousands of feet of ice, in Northern Asia, on the same parallels of latitude as the supposed ice cap, the climate was temperate and mild, with only ordinary winter ice; for it is shown that at that time there was an abundance of temperate climate vegetation, with myriads of temperate climate animal life living upon it." "... this great Cataclysmic wave of water... gathered up the great animal life which roamed the plains - ...to the Arctic Ocean, and at the mouth of the River Lena deposited them in bulk. Their bones and tusks now form LLAKOFF'S ISLAND..."

"...Had there been ice accompanying the Asiatic wave, the bodies and bones of all the animals would have been ground to a pulp, as they were in Europe and North America, and then Llakoff's Island would never have appeared upon the map."

P. 130-131 "The Cosmic Forces of MU by James Churchward"