Privacy, like Time, is an illusion.


The "New Normal" (est. 11-Sep-2001)

We all swim in an ocean of data.  If someone wants to find out something about you ... they will find it.  This has been true for a very long time.  The problem is:  this world creates new someones every day (and with each passing minute it gets easier / cheaper for them to ply their trade)

A few empowering ideas to ponder:
  • Knowledge of this arrangement is your greatest power against those who would abuse it.  Learn about when / how your being watched.  Take Control of your Identity.  Learn what others can learn about you (and the techniques they use to do it).

  • If you choose to believe any / all of the above, you have a head-start on ~99.999% of the people on Earth (including, and especially, the someones).